Michaela & Bruce


How We Met

Bruce and I met through Facebook; we started talking and then eventually went on a date a week later. It’s so funny when we tell this story because after that first date we were inseparable. We have spent every day together since. He’s truly my best friend and I’ve never had a connection like the one we have before.


First Dance: Blessed by Thomas Rhett


Wedding Theme/ Style:

Very earthy and neutral colors mostly burnt orange with touches of ivory, brown, yellow, tan! 

Why Running Horse Farm?

The venue was WORTH THE MONEY!! Bruce loved the reception space; it was so beautifully thought out and simple. We also loved how we felt taken care of, that the focus of the venue was the couple rather than getting as much as you could out of couples! 

How we felt on our special day: perfect


Our Favorite moment

“Our last dance when we had everyone leave the building and we had one last song on the dance floor in an empty venue.”