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Caitlin & Jeremy

Caitlin and Jeremy met out and about. Jeremy proposed by having Caitlin’s daughter who was 2 at the time walk out with the ring box with a note that said “Mommy will you marry JJ” 

Morghan & Felipe

Morghan & Felipe 10/5/2019 Morghan and Felipe met at a tech school. She was a junior and he was a senior. Their relationship moved fairly fast considering they got pregnant with their oldest son 4 months after meeting! After 2 sons, buying their house and 5.5...

Lisa & John


Lisa and John got engaged in Letchworth State Park, New York. The interesting thing about their proposal is although they knew Lisa’s mom and dad had vacationed there before (her dad is the one who suggested going there) they had not seen any of their pictures or looked at any of the places they visited. It wasn’t until after getting back and announcing their engagement to their families that Lisa’s dad showed her pictures from their trip. Not only did Lisa and John take basically the same pictures in the same location and poses as Lisa’s mom and dad but there is a picture of her mom with the exact location where John proposed in the background.

Meghan & Jed

Meghan and Jed met through a group of mutual friends and started dating over their mutual love for pizza in 2016. They were engaged in 2017 on a family vacation to Marco Island, Jed surprised Meghan at sunset on the beach!

Lindsey & Patrick

Lindsey and Patrick met in higschool. Both attended Geneva Highschool and had been dating for 13 years!! He proposed in their kitchen. He was so nervous that he couldn’t wait until they went out to dinner that night!