Megan & Michael


Our Story

How We Met

Michael and I met at Willoughby Brewing Co in February of 2017.
It is kind of a funny story because he was standing behind me, randomly clapping about something happening with his friend, and I thought he was being super annoying and needed to know why he was clapping. Haha! We continued talking the rest of the evening and had our first date a few days later at Pizza Roto in Madison!
(We both love pizza.)

We decided to wait a few years before getting married because we wanted to buy a house together and get all settled in before we started the wedding planning process.
In April of 2019 we closed on our first home together, and then a little over a year later I found out I was pregnant! I was roughly 4.5/5 months pregnant at the time of our wedding, and we did our gender reveal as well as the wedding and found out we are expecting a son!


A little over a year later he took me on a date night, we went to see a movie, and then to WBC for a drink. We were standing by the bar when he said, “It was right here where we met, right?” which it in fact was the exact spot. He said, “Then this is the perfect place then.” I asked him for what and when I turned around, he was down on one knee with a ring box in his hand. I technically said “No” first because I was in shock and it was one of those “Noooo” like oh my gosh what? Ha!


First dance: Yours by Russell Dickerson




Emiley Westfall at Sky Photography
Madison, Ohio  

Theme or style of wedding

Fall/Rustic (“I did all her own wedding planning!”)


Myself, and MOH. We made everything ourselves.


My uncle, Alan Spring who personally got ordained just to marry us.
It was his very first time ever doing something like that, and he did FABOULOUS! He made sure everything was perfectly worded and exactly what we wanted. He went over everything many times to make sure it was perfect.


Wedding Dress:

With all the craziness that happened this year I wasn’t really able to go “Dress Shopping” and be able to include my Bonus Daughter or my bridal party so I decided to just do the Amazon thing and it worked out perfectly.


Hair was done by my now new cousin Hannah Gillen who works at Edge Hair Studio in Willoughby, Ohio

Make-up was done by Brianna at Salon Soleil in Willoughby, Ohio



Jeremy Verdi at Verd-Star Entertainment
Madison, Ohio

Caterer/Food served:

Smoke BBQ
Painesville, Ohio

“We had Pulled Pork, Brisket, Mac & Cheese, with Salad.”

Caterers and Desserts

Spice Cake, with Apple Cider Frosting made by Amber Krakauskas at The Confectionary Cupboard
Mentor, Ohio

 Signature Drink

Long Island because that was the first drink Michael ever bought me and has been our thing since.


Our favorite moment from our wedding at Running Horse Farm?

“Oh gosh, there are so many but probably seeing my husband dance with his daughter Brylee. It was such a touching moment between the two of them. I am not sure if there was a dry eye in the whole place. “😊

One word to describe how we felt on our big day:

Everything went absolutely perfect.”

When everything first happened with Covid, Michael and I talked about possibly changing the date, but then we thought about it and we had already been waiting for so long and then finding out I was pregnant kind of sealed the deal for us and we wanted to push through with it. Thankfully, we did not have to make any real changes to anything. Pretty much everyone was very respectful when wearing their masks when up and moving around, and during the ceremony. All the tables and seats were spaced out accordingly.
It was all around a perfect day!

-Megan & Michael