Lee & Michael



How We Met

It all started a long time ago when I befriended a girl named Sarah back in sixth grade. As my friendship with Sarah grew, I also became very close with Sarah’s whole family—spending holidays, weekends, and all sorts of time with her close knit, welcoming (and loud!) family. I was around all the time, and that’s how Sarah’s brother, Michael, came to know me. 


Through the years, Michael and I developed our own friendship together. We spent our teenage years as 4H camp counselors, a special college summer making plenty of memories with a whole gang of friends, and a few years of our twenties bonding over concerts. As our friendship grew, so too did our crushes on one another. Oh the memories! 


But then years passed, and life took us in different directions. What a missed opportunity! 


Somehow, life has an interesting way of bringing people full circle though. 🙂


As chance would have it, we ended up right back where it all started: friendship. We began to connect and bond—usually over an episode of The Office and frozen pizza. And little by little, the timing finally, FINALLY worked out. 


We fell in love, and we fell in love fast. And it was the best feeling in the entire world. 


When Michael proposed to me, he said, “Lee, I’ve loved you for a long time.” And I knew how true that really was.

Why We Chose Running Horse Farm:

“Throughout our time dating, we watched on Facebook as Running Horse Farm transformed from an old (but beautiful) barn into a stunning work of art. The level of craftsmanship and detail are a wonder to behold. Plus, we knew Megan and Gabe from high school! It is, hands down, the most beautiful place in the area to get married.”


Photographer: Amanda Britton or Artisan Rose Photography

Wedding Theme: Is Coronavirus a theme?! 🙂

Florist: Meghan Berkowitz, Bouts and Bouquets

DJ/MC: Jeremy Verdi (Jeremy James)

Caterer: City BBQ 

Dessert: Cassata sheet cakes from Meijer, a beautiful funfetti display cake from Debbie Larch, and delicious cookies from Amanda Ensman


Wedding Dress: 


Other vendors: 

Drapery decor by Stephanie Post from The Party Post 

Bridesmaid dresses from Azazie online dresses

Online RSVP service from Zola

Succulent party favors from Etsy 

Officiant, Pastor Dustin Vorse


First Dance:“The Lucky Ones” by Jack & Tim

What was your favorite moment from your wedding at Running Horse Farm? 

Lee: “Looking into one another’s eyes during the vows, and realizing this is REAL, and it will change our lives in the best way, forever. I felt so full.”

Michael: “Kissing my brand new wife, and our first dance together”

How They Felt on Their Big Day? 

Lee: “Finally”

Michael: “Happy”

While other couples looked at postponing their wedding for a year or more, we forged ahead with our July backup date and a drastically reduced guest list—wanting so badly to finally be married. To finally be forever connected as husband and wife, virus be damned. So, we whittled our guest list down to about 27 adults and 12 kids—just our close family members. And we streamed our ceremony on Facebook Live for all our loved ones at home, who had unfortunately been “uninvited” as a result of the virus. Although it was sad, we are proud we made these difficult decisions in the name of safety. And in the end, we still got what we wanted more than anything. We got to finally be married to one another.  
Lee & Michael